#23 – Raise £1000 for charity

I wanted to have some things in my 40 before 40 list which would benefit others, rather than just having things which will be fun for me to do.  So, this is one of the challenges which will be for other people rather than me.  It’s definitely going to be a long haul challenge but every contribution helps towards the total.  To which end, when I recently gave a talk to a local WI (the Kitchen Dancers) about Life as a Lady Funeral Director, I asked for my fee to be donated to Winchester Bereavement Support.  I felt that was fitting, given the topic of my talk.

Here’s a photo of me doing my talk and a photo of the cheque for the speaker fee:

Speaking to the WI

Speaking to the WI

Donating my speaker fee to a local charity










I have to say I enjoyed the evening.  The ladies asked so many questions after my talk that we were there for an extra hour!  They sent me some lovely feedback as well.  I always enjoy giving people the opportunity to ask questions about death and funerals which they wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to ask, and also to explain to people why I think this is a really rewarding job to do.


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