#1 – 48 recipe challenge – Recipe 1: Moroccan Chicken with Cous Cous

Put simply, this challenge is about cooking one new recipe every month in the 48 months between launching This List and my 40th.  I chose to include this challenge in The List because I like cooking but I’m too guilty of collecting recipes, stuffing them in a folder and never looking at them again.  I’m also guilty of avoiding cooking certain things (anything involving Hollandaise sauce springs immediately to mind) because I think they’re going to be too difficult.  What I want to achieve with this challenge is to a) work my way through some of my back collection of collected recipes to decide whether they’re worth keeping or not and b) try my hand at some classic dishes I’ve never attempted.

Recipe 1, which I had for dinner tonight, was one of my back collection.  Torn out of a Tesco Food magazine and advertising itself as a quick and easy low calorie supper.  The basic premise of Moroccan Chicken with Couscous was a mixture of chopped chicken, onion, peppers, fresh tomato, chickpeas, cinnamon and cumin served with spring onion and apricot couscous and a curried yoghurt dressing.  It looked pretty good on paper – lots of ingredients I would have in the cupboard or fridge in any case, healthy (30% of your five a day) and it promised it would be ready in 20 minutes with little cooking skill required.

It was indeed ready in about 25 minutes.  Here’s what it looked like:

It's not going to win Masterchef!

It’s not going to win Masterchef!


The positives were: quick to prepare, easily accessible ingredients and quite a large volume of food for relatively few calories.  Sadly, the main negative was that it didn’t taste great.  In fact, it didn’t taste of much at all…  The only thing on the plate with any flavour was the curried dressing and, frankly, thank goodness that was on there.  As a result I haven’t bothered putting the full recipe on here as I wouldn’t recommend trying it.  (I did try to find a link to the recipe but I couldn’t find one.  Although I did find a whole lot more interesting sounding recipes.  Had to stop myself from downloading more! That would rather defeat the object of this challenge.)

I’ll be rating all 48 of the recipes I cook on the same factors, and deciding whether the recipe is a keeper or should be binned.  My verdict for Moroccan Chicken with Couscous is:

Healthiness – 8/10

Ease of preparation – 9/10

Flavour/taste – 2/10


On that basis, my verdict is:  BIN IT!

Disappointing for the first recipe cooked as part of the challenge, lets hope the next 47 are a bit better!


3 responses to “#1 – 48 recipe challenge – Recipe 1: Moroccan Chicken with Cous Cous”

  1. Beverley Childs says :

    Love it! Not the recipe, but the review… I’m looking forward to the next 47! I have to say though that, despite all the recipe books I have, I use the internet and the bbcgoodfood ones are nearly always the best – but don’t try the shepherd’s pie! Good luck…..

  2. Melanie Andrews says :

    Ah shame it was a bit disappointing. I’ve got the hairy dieters cook book and their recipes look tasty. I did the paprika chicken this evening which was nice. Although next time I won’t attempt to skin and bone the chicken thighs myself…what a faff!!

    • pompeyduchess says :

      Whenever a recipe wants chicken thighs I ALWAYS substitute chicken breast because it’s so much easier. Although if Masterchef is to be believed chicken thighs are tastier…

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