#1 – 48 Recipe Challenge: Recipe 2 Asparagus and Aubergine Sandwich

I promise I cooked this one in May, I just haven’t had time to write about it before today!  For May’s recipe I wanted to choose something using asparagus as I love cooking with local seasonal ingredients and at this time of year British asparagus is a real treat.  Since this challenge is not only about working my way through my stack of downloaded and ‘torn out of magazines’ recipes but also making more use of the many cookbooks I own yet very rarely look at, I turned to my copy of The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook and found a recipe for Asparagus and Aubergine Sandwich.  Perfect; aubergine is another favourite ingredient of mine.  The recipe is basically slices of aubergine sandwiched together with a cheesy asparagus filling and a cheese souffle topping.

It took a while to prepare the dish (around 45 minutes) and that was without salting and pressing the aubergines first which I didn’t bother doing.  Delia says she doesn’t think it’s worth it and if it’s good enough for Delia frankly it’s good enough for me.  Not a quick and easy supper for a weekday (anything involving getting the electric mixer out is going to be too involved for me after a day’s work) but not actually that difficult to do, just time consuming.  Healthy eating wise there’s quite a lot of cheese in it but also a fair few of your five a day.

I was pretty pleased with how the dish turned out.   Well presented, and quite tasty although I suspect the flavour could be improved by the addition of a little wholegrain mustard to the cheese sauce filling.  Unlike the first recipe of the challenge, this is one I think I would do again.  It would make a great dinner party main course for a vegetarian guest.    

Good for a vegetarian dinner party dish

Good for a vegetarian dinner party dish

Scores on the doors then are:

Healthiness – 7/10 (loads of your five a day, but some fatty ingredients like butter, oil and cheese)

Ease of preparation – 6/10 (a bit involved for a weekday)

Flavour/taste – 8/10 (good, but I suspect it could be improved by a bit of mustard in the cheese sauce)


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