#1 – 48 Recipe Challenge – Recipe 3: Pimms and Strawberry Cupcakes

Having done savoury dishes for my first two recipes, I thought it was about time I tried something sweet.  I’d been invited to a girls night in, which presented the perfect opportunity to try out a recipe I printed off ages ago and was waiting for the right moment for.  I didn’t dare try this one when I was home alone for the weekend for fear I’d scoff the lot, but with a party to take them to now was the time for…  Pimms and Strawberry Cupcakes.  YUM!  (Seasonal too, clever eh?)

I got the recipe from a friend’s fantastic blog.  She was a bit more dedicated with her cooking than me – 366 recipes in a year!  Here’s the recipe (and her brilliant blog): http://366recipechallenge.planetsquirrel.co.uk/2012/06/lil-ms-squirrels-pimms-no-1-cupcakes.html

I found the cupcakes relatively easy to make (but use a BIG bowl for the icing as I chose one that was too small and redecorated my kitchen and myself a whiter shade of pale).  Basically, a lemon and mint cupcake, with fresh strawberries and Pimms syrup inserted into the middle and a Pimms buttercream.  I was pretty happy with how they turned out.  What do you think?

Scrummy cupcakes!

Scrummy cupcakes!


I think they were great.  Tasty and moreish.  I’d definitely make them again.  But only when I was having visitors!

They went down well with my taste testers too.  🙂

With Wimbledon mania sweeping the country right now, they could be the recipe of the moment.

As for the scores well, coming in at a heavyweight 363 calories per cupcake (!) they were never going to do well on the healthiness front, but everyone needs a treat sometimes right?

Healthiness – 1/10  (363 calories per cake is A LOT!)

Ease of Preparation – 8/10  (Cakes and buttercream easy enough to make, bit of extra faffing with the Pimms and strawberry syrup)

Flavour/taste – 10/10  (who doesn’t love Pimms and strawberries?)


So, go on, treat yourself!


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