#1 – 48 Recipe Challenge – Recipe 4: Gin and Tonic Ice Cream

Given all the lovely hot weather recently, it seemed appropriate to pick something to cool me down as my recipe for this month – Gin and Tonic Ice Cream sprang immediately to mind.  It fits well with both aspects of this challenge; I’ve never attempted to make ice cream before (so it’s a first) and it’s also a recipe I’ve had in my folder for several years without having got around to making it.  I was given the recipe by a friend who I was working for and staying with in New Zealand, in 2008.  Given how much I love a good g&t I’m surprised it took me this long to get round to it.

The method given in the recipe I had was lacking in detail to say the least, so I ended up doing a bit of googling to find out how to make ice cream.  Turns out there are a whole load of different approaches, some of which involve heating the cream to make a kind of custard before combining it with the other ingredients.  Fortunately this recipe wasn’t anywhere near that complicated.  Basically it is:

1 – Beat together 3 egg yolks with three quarters of a cup of caster sugar until pale, frothy and creamy

2 – Microwave the mixture on high for 1 minute then beat again.  Microwave again for 30 seconds and beat again.  Repeat as necessary until the sugar is dissolved.

3 – Add the grated rind and juice of three lemons (or limes – I used a mixture of both), then 100ml of gin, 150ml of tonic (not diet) and 1 cup of milk.

4 – Stir in one and a half cups of cream.

5 – Pour the mixture into a large, flat tub and freeze.

6 – When almost solid, beat the mixture again to break up the ice crystals.  Refreeze and repeat the beating again.  Repeat as necessary until the ice cream is smooth, then allow to freeze solid.  Transfer to a lidded container for storage.

I found the recipe pretty easy to follow, but I ran out of patience with the beating and refreezing (well, actually it was late and I got bored and went to bed) so mine has come out a bit crystallised but nothing that I suspect practice wouldn’t solve.  And here’s how it looked:

Refreshing on a summer's day

Refreshing on a summer’s day


Despite the slightly too icy texture, it is very tasty.  The key flavour is the lemon which comes out very strongly, so it’s tart rather than overly sweet which I think makes it very refreshing.  The gin is more of a hint in the background than the main event.  I would have liked to have been able to taste the gin a bit more.

Would I make this again?  I’m not sure.  I don’t like ice cream enough to bother with all the beating and refreezing, but, maybe if we have another summer like this one!

The scores on the doors:

Healthiness – 3/10  (It’s a treat, it’s not meant to be healthy)

Ease of Preparation – 5/10 (not complicated but time consuming)

Flavour/taste – 7/10 (it would have been higher if I’d got the texture right)


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