#23 – Raise £1000 for charity

This was on The List because I felt that I should be doing something for someone else as well as doing things for me.  I was planning to chip away at this challenge over the four years, doing something different each year to top up the total.  However, I am amazed and delighted to be able to say that I have completed the challenge already, just six months in!

When I decided to walk the Clarendon Marathon, I set what I thought was a challenging target of raising £750.  I chose to walk in support of Wessex Heartbeat because cardiac issues have affected many members of my family, all of whom have received excellent care at Southampton’s Wessex Cardiac Centre.  The work of the Centre is supported and enhanced by Wessex Heartbeat, who not only assist the patients receiving care (and their families) but also provide clinical education and training plus fund equipment and research.  Having walked the marathon, I’m so proud to be able to say that sponsorship stands at £1,051.53:

Proof that I have indeed raised £1000 for charity!

Proof that I have indeed raised £1000 for charity!

I’m so grateful to all my friends, colleagues and family members who have been so generous with their support.  Many of them have made lovely comments to the effect that I was putting so much effort into training for the marathon that it was more than worth the sponsorship.  Here’s a selection of the comments made on my Justgiving page:

“Well done Chelsea! Such dedication to training even on weekends away in Masham and Krakow when it must have been sooo tempting to skip it.”  (So right, it was tempting to skip it!)

“A fantastic achievement Chelsea for a great cause. A great big pat on the back to you!”

“Go girl. All that training will be worth it. You should be very proud of yourself”

“Pound a mile seems insignificant for the amount of effort you’ve put in, but if we donated a pound a mile for all your training we’d be bankrupt! Best of luck.”

“Good luck Chelsea! With all your dedicated training I am sure it be a breeze so savour every mile!”

“I think you can do anything you put your mind to Chelsea! Best of luck for the marathon, and well done for sticking to your training programme with such determination”

“Massive effort being undertaken by a girl who “doesn’t do exercise”!! Well done mate, and keep going!”

“Well done Chelsea, you star! I am so impressed and inspired with your dedication to training. Good luck”

“Have watched in awe at your dedication to training and will be with you (in spirit) when you do the walk!!! “

“Good luck hon, very impressed with your determination with everything you set your mind to in your life”

My attitude to life is that you should go for what you want and make it happen.  It’s amazing what determination and will power can achieve.  I applied this philosophy to training for and walking the marathon and once again it has delivered.  I have achieved two amazing things; becoming a marathoner and raising a fantastic amount for a fantastic cause.   The tenth of my 40 before 40 completed!


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