#1 – 48 Recipe Challenge – Recipe 13: Creme Egg Brownies

This was one of my ‘back collection’ recipes which I’ve been looking for an excuse to cook.  A birthday in Easter week and the need to take cakes into work gave me the perfect opportunity!

Oddly I think I’ve only made brownies once before.  No idea why, I love them.  Or maybe that is why, actually; I’d eat the lot, given a chance…  And as for crème eggs – my ABSOLUTE favourite, but never before cooked with.  This recipe was definitely a win, win.

These brownies were relatively easy to make although there were a couple of separate processes involved.  I always take an age to melt chocolate because I’m scared of burning it, but it’s not actually difficult.  The main risk here was failing to cool the chocolate sufficiently before adding it to the egg and sugar mixture (which I thought would result in scrambled egg) but fortunately I managed to avoid that pitfall.

Once mixed and in the tin, the brownies needed to be basically cooked through, then the crème egg halves added to the top and returned to the oven for just 10 minutes.  Apparently if you cook them for longer than that, the fondant loses its colour and becomes clear, which rather ruins the effect.  I struggled a bit to cut the crème eggs in half because the chocolate shell shattered, but found that heating the blade of a sharp knife on the hob first helped to ease it through the chocolate shell so the egg halves remained intact.

Here they are, ready to go into the oven:

Creme Egg Brownies in the tin

Creme Egg Brownies in the tin

Yum!  The finished product was a gooey treat and not as sickly sweet as you might expect.  Cooking the crème eggs set the fondant and seemed to take some of the sweetness out of them.  The combination of very dark chocolate in the brownie also helped to ensure this was tasty but not ‘too much’.

Creme Egg Brownie - yum!

Creme Egg Brownie – yum!

Scores for this one:

Healthiness – 0/10 (100% indulgent treat)

Ease of preparation – 6/10 (there’s a couple of processes and a bit of judgement involved)

Flavour/taste – 8/10 (lovely as an Easter treat but chocolate and raspberry brownies are still my ultimate favourite)

Here’s the recipe if you fancy trying it next Easter:


TOP TIP: The recipe suggests cooling in the tin after removing from the oven, then cutting into squares.  Even once cool mine were still very gooey, and I found that letting them continue to set overnight in the tin gave a firmer texture and they were easier to cut.  You’ll just have to exercise patience…


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One response to “#1 – 48 Recipe Challenge – Recipe 13: Creme Egg Brownies”

  1. Mel Andrews says :

    yum! I know it’s no longer Easter but I’m going to make these soon!!

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