#21 – Prepare photo albums of my round the world trip: COMPLETED!

Just shy of five months ago I started preparing photo albums of the 1600 plus photos from my round the world trip (https://chelseas40before40.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/21-prepare-photo-albums-of-my-round-the-world-trip/).  I’m delighted to say that this evening, I finally completed the project!!  Ten albums later, I’ve managed to organise photos, mementos and memories into labelled albums so that others can enjoy looking at my journey (should they want to).  I figure I’m also more likely to look at them if they’re in albums rather than stacked in a cardboard box.  The guidebooks were useful to remind me of place names and spallings I’d forgotten, and it was lovely to read back through all my journals and remind myself of things I’d forgotten which made me smile.

This project has been on the To Do list for 8 years, so it’s a relief to finally get it ticked off!  16 of my 40 challenges completed.  The only minor problem now is where to put them all…

Ten finished albums

Ten finished albums

... to this!

… to this!


Photos, albums, guidebooks and journals - to be marshalled into some kind of order...

From this…



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