#1 – 48 Recipe Challenge: Recipe 21 – Raspberry and Peanut Chocolate Truffles

For a festive recipe, I felt this month’s choice ought to be something sweet and indulgent.  This recipe came to me courtesy of a great blog I follow and it sounded irresistible.  Ideal for Christmas entertaining the recipe also met lots of the criteria for this challenge;  I’ve never made truffles before, it involved a new technique (making praline) and the chance to use the genuine vanilla extract I bought myself during my recent trip to Mexico (which grows vanilla).

The recipe was pretty easy to follow.  The stages themselves were quick, although a degree of waiting around was needed whilst things cooled.  Still, it could be left and returned to so not a problem.

First up making the praline (simply caramel with nuts added).  I was nervous about this as I know it’s easy to burn sugar as it caramelises but the recipe advised watching it like a hawk so I did.  It was difficult to resist stirring (apparently that makes it crystalise) as I was worried that the bits that melted first would burn whilst the rest of it was still melting.  But it didn’t.  Once the nuts were mixed in it just had to be cooled then blitzed in a food processor to make yummy sugary nutty dust.  The hardest bit was getting the remains of the caramel off the saucepan!

Truffles in progress!

Truffles in progress!

After that, I had to cook the raspberries down, sieve them to make a puree and add that to the other ingredients then pour boiling cream on to melt the chocolate chips.

Then came the wait.  Wait while it cooled enough to form little balls (I tried to use a melon baller but couldn’t get the mixture out again and settled for a teaspoon).  After that, I had to coat them in melted chocolate (messy) and sprinkle them to decorate with some of the praline dust and some special red sugar I bought because I thought it would make them look pretty.

Hey presto!  Truffles.

Raspberry and Peanut Chocolate Truffles - yum!

Raspberry and Peanut Chocolate Truffles – yum!

They are perhaps a little rustic in appearance but I enjoyed eating them!  The peanut took away the sickly sweetness which often overwhelms truffles for me.  I think next time I might use a slightly larger quantity of raspberries as I felt the raspberry flavour was a little lost against the nut but that’s just personal taste.  If you fancy trying them you can find the beautifully illustrated recipe here:  http://joblogsjobakes.wordpress.com/2014/12/16/christmas-confectionary/

Scores as follows:

Ease of prep – 7/10 (basically quite easy but the praline needs to be watched carefully and passing the raspberries the a sieve to produce the puree is a bit of a work out)

Flavour/taste – 8/10 (they’re good but with a bit more raspberry these would have been absolutely amazing)

Healthiness – 0/10 (pure indulgence!)


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One response to “#1 – 48 Recipe Challenge: Recipe 21 – Raspberry and Peanut Chocolate Truffles”

  1. Jo Blogs says :

    What a great post! Thank you for having a try of the recipe and linking back to me :D. They look beautiful and I love that we have the same Pampered Chef spatula! Interestingly, for my tastes I was considering reducing the PNB or using Nutella next time. I’m off to read some more of your blog as I think I’m really going to like it 🙂 x

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