#1 – 48 Recipe Challenge: Recipe 38 – S’mores

A simple recipe this month, but a tasty one. I’m currently on a camping tour in western Canada, so it was fitting to choose a campfire classic: S’mores.

As a child and teenager, I read numerous books set in North America where the characters would talk about S’mores. I worked out that they were a treat but didn’t really know what exactly what they were. I did however, know that I wanted to try them! They are biscuit, chocolate and marshmallow, toasted to melting point and then put together as a squishy sandwich.  Delicious (but messy)!

The key apparently is the biscuit. Correctly it should be a Graham Cracker. This is a particular type of thin cracker, sweetened with honey.  It’s the combination of the thinness and the sweetness which seems to work. Use too thick a biscuit and the ratio of filling to sandwich would be wrong.

S’mores are assembled in the campfire. Place a clean flat plank of wood near the fire, not close enough to actually catch alight but close enough to get hot.  Place one cracker on the plank and the chocolate on top. Whilst waiting for the chocolate to melt, toast a marshmallow on a fork in the flames:

Assembling S'mores

Assembling S’mores

Watch the S’mores carefully to ensure the chocolate doesn’t burn, and when it’s melted, add in your toasted marshmallow, top with another Graham cracker, sandwich together and enjoy.



It certainly was tasty. And sticky. They are called S’mores because it’s a contraction of “I want some more” and you most certainly will. Whilst they are sickly sweet, one is never enough!

So, there you go. I finally tasted my first S’more. I’d love to make them again but I think the hunt for something like a Graham Cracker outside of North America may be a challenge. I shall give it a go though!

Scores for this recipe are:

Healthiness – 0/10 (you can’t pretend any element of this is good for you)

Ease of prep – 10/10 (providing you’ve got your campfire lit!)

Flavour/taste – 10/10 (make sure you choose a type of chocolate you like)


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